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Physical Therapy
We provide outpatient Physical Therapy services for various orthopedic and post surgical injuries. Neck Pain, Back Pain, Arthritis, Tendinitis, Strains, Sprains & fractures. Spine Program: reduce back pain with soft tissue mobilization, stretching and strengthening while incorporating Pilates and Yoga for core strengthening. TMJ Program: Temporomandibular joint disorder, specializing in treatment to reduce pain and improve function. Sports Medicine Program: Are you a high school or middle school athlete? Have Shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle sprain? We can help. Dancers: Specializing in treatment of dancers from hip injuries to low back pain. Equestrians: Specializing in treatment of sacro iliac disorders, low back pain, hip bursitis. Plantar Fasciitis: Foot mechanic assessment, We sell power step orthotics. We are foot specialists.
Pilates Mat Classes
Day/Time: Saturday 9:00 am-10:00 am, 6 classes per session. Level: Beginner & Intermediate, Class size: 10 people Teacher: Carol Murfin, Physical Therapist Dates: Saturday April 27th to Saturday June 8th, 2019 (No classes on April 20th and May 25th) Price: 6 class card $138.00, a 4 class card for $100.00 or come on a drop in basis for $30 per class. * All classes are non refundable. 4 and 6 class cards must be used within the 6 week session. Yoga Classes
Hatha Yoga. This is a beginner, gentle yoga mat class consisting of stretching and strengthening incorporating pranayama (breath work) with a component of meditation. We offer modifications and challenges based on a student's abilities. Day/Time: Sunday 9:30-10:30 am. 8 Classes per session Level: Beginner-Intermediate, Class size: 10 people Teacher: Shubhada Wavikar, RYT Dates: Sunday April 14th to Sunday June 16th, 2019 Price: 8 class card for $15 each class total $120, 6 class card for $18 each class total $108. Drop in rate $20 per class. * All classes are non refundable. 8 class cards must be used within the 8 week session and are non transferable.
Sports Massage 45 min Sports Massage provided by a licensed Physical Therapist. Have a chronic injury? We can help. 
We treat neck pain, back pain, hamstring strain, calf tightness and more. Price: $100 Getting ready for the Boston Marathon? Have hip or Knee pain? Need your running style analyzed to prevent injury? Need Orthotics? 45 min self pay private consult by a licensed Physical Therapist. Price: $100
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